Famous seats of power

The chair that you sit in projects power. It might not seem like  but the right t0 sit at the “head of the table” has always been seen as a way to convey authority. The chair is one of those ways of letting everyone know that you are in charge. Here are some famous chairs to show this. If you want something similar then get some Connubia Calligaris Chairs from https://www.nuastyle.com/brands/connubia-calligaris/ to give your dining area a lift.

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  1. The Iron Throne. Not a real seat but its very clear that people will go through just about anything to sit in it. It is the fictional seat of power for Westeros as the throne in Kings Landing. Made from the swords of a thousand enemies of the Targaryn’s it’s not very comfortable.
  1. The Wool sack. Looking like a bean bag stuck in the middle of the House of Lords, the Woolsack is where the Lord Speaker sits to keep order. It is called the woolsack because at one time the economy of Britain was made by its dependency on wool as an export. It’s now full of wool from around the British commonwealth. Apparently, it’s very comfy.

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  1. Blofield’s Chair. The head of Spectre is one of the first people to make the Executive chair menacing. It’s just a simple swiveling black leather affair but as he spins it around, stroking his cat, and says, “Ah Mr Bond, I’ve been expecting you…”, you can tell that no good is going to come of it and he has malice on his mind.

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