Fun Additions to your Home Cinema

Whether you have a cinema room or are thinking about designing one, here are some fun ideas to make it a truly unique space for you, your family and friends:

Popcorn machineYou can’t have an authentic cinema experience without popcorn. These machines are available to suit a wide range of tastes and budget, whether you want a vintage machine or something a bit more contemporary. They are simple to use and keep clean, so there’s no excuse not to be serving your guests with delicious movie style popcorn.

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Self-adhesive wallpaper – Fancy changing your decor? Self adhesive wallpaper is easy to apply and can be changed whenever you want a change of theme. You can decorate the whole room or create a themed feature wall. It’s a fun way to create a unique, personalised space.

Mini fridge – Keep snacks and drinks close to hand and refreshingly cool with a mini refrigerator for your home theatre. To find out more about installing a Luxury Home Cinema Cambridge, go to

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Plush seating – What is a home cinema without big, luxury theatre style seating? Think finest leather, reclining functions and cup holders for the ultimate in movie watching decadence. The best part about a home cinema? No obstructions to your view!

LED lighting – Imagine the look of ambient, smart controlled LED strip lighting framing your TV screen. The ability to lighten and dim from your phone provides convenience, ease of use and the perfect way to recreate the dimming of lights in a real cinema.

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