Have you heard of St Patrick

Saint Patrick’s Day, or Saint Patrick’s Day as it is also called, is an annual cultural and national holiday held on 17 March – the date he was beatified. It is one of the world’s oldest religious celebrations. The history of Saint Patrick’s Day is said to have roots in Britain but the festival is celebrated across America, Canada, Australia and Europe, Africa and of course Ireland itself.

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Christianity celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day from the fourth century AD. Christianity considers him as their patron saint of the country and the day honors his conversion to Christianity from the Paganism of the country, Ireland believed at the time. He gathered followers and through peace and argument, plus a few miracles, the Irish came around to the Christian faith.

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Christianity celebrates Saint Patrick’s Day with various parades and other celebrations worldwide, however, Saint Patrick’s Day remains a secular celebration. Christians consider him as one of their most venerated Saint. He has also become a way of displaying your own Irish heritage when abroad. Many people throughout the globe can claim Irish descent as so many of its people left in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to start new lives in the “new world”. They were forced out by famine, poverty and war but established and helped to build some of the worlds most successful and powerful countries to come out of the twentieth.

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