Have you thought of adding these flavours to beer

Beer was made with malted barley once upon a time. Times began to move forward and hops became the norm. A few generations, quick-forward, and you can now make, buy and drink beer flavoured under the sun with just about any taste sensation! Craft breweries, home brewers and beer brands with household names are all playing with different flavours to keep the taste buds of the country tickled with beer. Some even include exotic flavours and this is where Organic Vanilla Extract like that from Foodie Flavours come in.

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The flavoured beer movement is said to have originated in the United States with its tradition of brewpubs, as with many food and drink patterns. It seems almost unavoidable that some of these food flavourings could make their way into beer with a melting pot of culinary heritage around the country. Just some of the American beer flavours that have been conjured up for our joy and delight are Jalapeno peppers, lobsters, pizza, blueberries and maple syrup.

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While a wide variety of fruity ciders is now sold by several pubs, you would be unfortunate not to find a fruit beer for sale in the UK. Hailing from Belgium and the UK, if you can find them, fruit beers are available to purchase from the tart to the very sweet. Those made with marmalade, lavender, Assam tea, marshmallow, seaweed, heather and rose petals contain new British fruit beer flavours. You may want to attempt to make your own so that you can tap your favourite tipple.

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