How animals can make for the perfect companions

Human beings are naturally social creatures, and for many people, there is a direct link between how many people they get to interact with and their overall sense of wellbeing. Of course, this doesn’t take into account personal preferences or personality types such as introverts, which may naturally be more comfortable spending time on their own or in small groups. But regardless of your personality type, everyone will crave some companionship in one form or another. This is particularly true if you are isolated geographically or living on your own, especially at an older age when your social encounters naturally start to decrease.

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When we are at school, we develop friendships and have entire classes to interact with. This then continues throughout the length of our education. When we move into the world of work, it is very much the same. Classes are replaced with work teams, and friendships may start to develop over time with those people that work with. Team get-togethers and Christmas lunches all help to build up relationships with the people that you work with. But what happens when you retire?

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For some people, retirement can be a difficult transition. Moving away from the routine of your daily work life and, in some cases, seeing fewer people than you used to. It is one of the reasons that Park homes Gloucester Park Home Life have become very popular with people who are near or at retirement age. Park Homes Gloucester and elsewhere in the UK create a sense of community as well as somewhere to live.

Another way that people can improve their wellbeing and companionship is through sharing their homes and their lives with an animal. Whether you are a cat or a dog lover, or perhaps you like smaller animals such as rabbits, you can gain a lot of love and affection from having an animal in your life. It is also a great way to help keep you fit. A dog, in particular, will need to be taken out for regular walks and exercise, and you can meet lots of people who are in a similar situation. Friendships have been formed over a mutual dog walking experience.

It has been reported that spending time with an animal can help to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce blood pressure and increase the release of feel-good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. All of these combine together to give you improved mental and physical wellbeing. Combine that with the positive impact on your physical strength and your cardiovascular health. When regularly taking your dog out for a walk, it is evident that there are so many benefits to having an animal companion in your life.

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