How is Gin made?

Gin is one of the most foremost spirits in the world. It is the basis for many cocktails and as part of a mixer. Indian Tonic water, a carbonated mixer, remains the most chosen type to put with it. However, Orange juice, Ginger ale and lemonade are also popular choices. As with any clear spirit it’s not best to be drinking it on its own. How is this spirit made?

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The making of Gin is not a hard process. One of the major pluses it has is the ease with which it can be produced. Although we think of it as something of a high class drink that has made its way down to the lower levels of society it begins life as something that can be made illicitly and in secret. All that you need to make Gin is some natural grain alcohol and some juniper berries. That’s the only set of ingredients that you need. The only bit of equipment required is a distilling unit.

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It becomes a blank canvas for adding other botanicals to give it a flavour. Orange and lemon peel, blueberries, lime peel, anything that has a strong flavour. This infusion can shape the taste of the Gin. Apply the chosen mixer to the Gin you’ve created, and you could have a new taste sensation on your hands.

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