How our behaviour has led to a reliance on our mobile phones

Whether you think your mobile phone is the best thing you own or you use it just to keep in touch with friends and family, there is no denying that over time we have become more and more reliant on them. This can be a good thing as it enables us to keep in touch with people across the globe, either through telephone calls or simple text messages. The apps that are available on phones now allow us to carry out a number of activities that make our lives easier as well as bringing entertainment into our lives.

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With the emergence of social media platforms, more and more of us are spending increasing amounts of time on our phones and in some cases it is thought that people check their mobile phones up to 110 times a day. Now whilst there are some who will point to the negative aspects of mobile phone technology, and of course there are some, in general the positives outweigh these. People can feel connected to people in more ways rather than feeling isolated and for those with disabilities, whether physical or learning difficulties, are finding ways that mobile phones can make them feel more included in society.

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