How To Prevent Climate Change

It can be unnerving hearing about climate change in the news so often, and whilst there is a sense of urgency for big companies using, producing and funding fossil fuels to change, the average individual won’t find much use in worrying. If you are proactive about being climate-conscious and helping the environment, then you only need to keep doing what you’re doing and encourage others to do the same.

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Living in an eco-conscious way does not require you to change your lifestyle completely, unless your current way of living contributes significantly to carbon emissions, for example if you buy an excessive number of products from unsustainable sources or own a restaurant that uses a lot of beef. The truth is that absolutely anyone can do their bit in preventing climate change.

The number one way to prevent climate change is to drive less. Cars that aren’t electric emit greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Ride a bike instead, walk if possible, or use public transport.

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Secondly, try to use less energy by using energy efficient electronic devices and light bulbs to save electricity. Remember to turn off your lights and to unplug devices when you leave a room. It will eventually become a habit.

Next, ‘divest’ in companies and institutions that fund or use fossil fuels. Sign petitions to encourage them to take action against climate change, and vote for politicians that prioritise fighting climate change. Use energy providers that only use 100% renewable energy.

Lastly, limit your waste, especially of plastic, recycle and reuse as much as possible. If you are renovating your home, try not to throw away too much, and if you buy new materials, check that they come from local and sustainable sources. If you are building an extension, look into Oak Extensions. I highly recommend Oak extensions by Timberpride.


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