How websites are used to educate

Web Design Gloucester ensures all locally based clients have well-designed and functional websites. Websites have replaced books and physical newspapers for many people. Whereas people used to use encyclopaedias, non-fiction books, and formal education to collect knowledge, many of them now, turn to the internet first. The internet has made a lot of knowledge very accessible, benefiting society greatly. A lot of courses are also offered online on a variety of websites including skillshare, allowing people to develop more skills. These can usually be followed through videos and lectures at the pace people are comfortable with.

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Websites also educate people on current affairs as most newspapers put a lot of content on their websites. Aside from current affairs, there are also a lot of opinion pieces posted through newspapers which can spark dialogue and debate, which can often be crucial in order to create any change. Newspapers online can also easily be edited, unlike print versions, if any mistakes are spotted. In cases where people quickly need to be informed of events happening around them, platforms like Twitter are usually utilised. They allow for people to quickly get small amounts of relevant information. Fact checking information gained from the internet is very important, as a lot of misinformation can be spread as well.

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