I love Gloucestershire. It’s the best place to live

I have been privileged and lucky to live in the County of Gloucestershire. I’ve tried to live in other parts of Britain but I’ve never felt as comfortable as I do in this one. It’s always felt like home and nowhere else has been able to compare to it. So what is so special about this county?

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One set of people that you could ask is those that have purchased one of the many Gloucester Park Homes options. These strategalllcy placed homes and prefect for living in this lovely county and a visit to the website at http://www.parkhomelife.com/our-parks/orchard-park-homes-gloucester-gloucestershire/ could put you even closer to owing a home here.

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For me it is the countryside. There is nothing finer than a stroll through the Cotswolds Hills. There is even a dedicated walk called the Cotswold way that runs from Bath in the South to Chipping Camden in the North. It takes in historic Market towns, ancient archeology and stunning views across the county.

The other thing I love is the architecture. You can see the honey colour stones in the villages crafted from the Hills themselves. As the early morning dawn or the late evening sun hits them they take on a glow of warmth that is quite unrivalled. A drive around the villages on a balmy summer’s evening to a local pub for a cider is a real highlight. Gloucestershire is a place of simple pleasures but none the worse for that.

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