Reclamation items to impress your friends

Are you trying to find an amazing look for your property? Whether it’s a new build or a traditional building, introducing a few reclaimed items can give it real style. A few carefully chosen items can become a talking point and set the decoration tone for your entire home.

Reclamation items to impress your friends

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General reclaimed building items will add real style to your home. The trick is knowing where to look for them; perhaps you’ll seek oak or parquet flooring in Ireland or bricks from other areas of the UK.


A bespoke fitted kitchen can be created using reclaimed units or doors from traditional kitchens. The warm aged tones of old oak give kitchens a cosy feel, or they can be painted in popular chalk paints for a lighter look.

Why not make a real statement with a free-standing dresser unit? This will have the advantage of being moveable – to a point – so that you can refresh your kitchen layout. Match this up with a Belfast sink and old taps for an on-trend look.


One of the most desirable reclaimable items has to be wrought iron spiral staircases. The craftsmanship shown in these items is breathtaking and will definitely be a statement piece in your home. Of course, they also have a practical use. In a smaller home, a spiral staircase will give your room a more spacious feel. If you’re using items such as staircases, you will save these stunning works of art from being melted down and recycled rather than reclaimed.


One of the most iconic reclaimed items is definitely a cast iron Victorian radiator, which can be purchased from a reclamation specialist such as Wilsons Yard. Many of these radiators will have been restored and recalibrated for modern plumbing systems. Despite their age, they are amazingly efficient and in great demand, so if you find some, make sure you buy enough for your property.


Who could fail to be impressed by a roll-top bath and a traditional washstand in your bathroom? Modern acrylic versions of these are available, but nothing can match a reclaimed china washbasin, complete with its delicate web of cracks and a cast iron bath with its water mark from an age-old dripping tap. You can pair this with carefully chosen modern tiles or reclaimed tiles if you can find them.

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