The Woodland Fungi to Look out for in the Autumn

Although the summer is over, the natural world is as busy as ever, and going for a walk in the woodlands at this time of the year is not only a beautiful spectacle, but is also very interesting. As the leaves start to fall, wrap up warm in cosy Aran Sweaters from Shamrock Gift, and head out into the woods to see one of the most vital but often overlooked things in the woodland – the fungi.

Here are some of the weird and wonderful fungi to look out for this autumn…

Oyster Mushroom – These often can be found growing on dead tree stumps in a clump. Shaped like a shell it can vary from a pale cream to a darker shade which usually depends on the weather, darkening as it rains more.

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Chanterelle – Prized by chefs this delicate and pretty flower shaped yellow mushroom can also be identified by a slight scent of apricot. Most often found near oak and beech trees in the woodlands.

Jelly Ear – This looks quite repulsive, and the name is an obvious indicator of its appearance – growing on the branches of trees looking just like an ear made from jelly!

Fly Agaric – These are the mushrooms that we all associate with fairy stories. The red mushroom with the distinctive white spots is very toxic!

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Giant Puffball – These have the appearance of a large football and when hit, they release their spores for many miles. They are also a culinary delicacy.

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