What can you make with macrame?

Macrame is an art form that involves tying intricate knots in pieces of fabric, wool, rope or cord to a specified pattern in order to produce stunning artefacts. Macrame is commonly used to make wall art, but its increasing popularity has expanded the reach of the projects that you can create.

Macrame is a brilliantly accessible craft that places no limits on age or ability. Whether you choose to freestyle your creation or you prefer to use a macrame kit, the end result will be as unique as you are. So, what can you make with macrame?
Make beautiful creations

Macrame fashion is all the rage. From friendship bracelets to dresses and high-end shawls, there is no limit to what you can achieve when you stop imagining and start knotting. You don’t need to restrict yourself to clothing items either – macrame jewellery is bang on trend and you can even use the craft to create dolls and dreamcatchers.

Make your house a home

You needn’t stop at wall art. Macrame can be used to enhance your soft furnishings, restore your tired deckchair, hang your flowerpots and photos and create festive decorations that will enhance the visual appeal of your property and make it truly a home.

Make other people happy

Yes, macrame can make other people happy! Whether you choose to gift a finished creation or give Wool Couture macrame kits as presents this Christmas, friends and family will be delighted with the thought and care that has gone into the gift. And you too will feel good about yourself, knowing that you have created something beautiful and long-lasting.

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Macrame is the perfect craft for those who enjoy personalising a design, enhancing the original pattern and not counting stitches. It is a flexible and versatile craft that retains all of the tactility of crochet or knitting but without the complications. Macrame can be used to create a wide range of products for personal use, gifting or sale. To get started, simply pick up a macrame kit of your choice.

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