What to look for in your garden in spring

After winter, it’s a relief to see the sun peek out of the clouds a few more times when spring is on its way. If you want to enjoy your garden throughout the spring, a conservatory is a great way to do it in any weather. For a more comfortable conservatory, consider Conservatory Roof Conversions Cheltenham from Pro Ceiling, fitters of Conservatory Roof Conversions Cheltenham.

Frogs & Toads – If you have a garden pond, now is the season when frogs and toads are looking for a place to lay eggs. You can still look for the spawn in your pond, even if you cannot see the animals themselves. Toad spawn will hang in long chains under the plants of the pond. Frogspawn will be in large clumps at the side of the pond. You will most likely have toads and frogs again if they returned to the pond where they were hatched. If your pond has a fence, make sure to leave a small opening for them to get back in.

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Birds – At this time of year, the dawn chorus is the loud birdsong that occurs at the break of day. The birds are calling out to each other. You will enjoy the dawn chorus if you get up early and head to your conservatory. Swallows and Swifts are among the first birds to start returning after their winters in North Africa or Southern Europe. They will return to lay eggs and raise their babies.

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Bumblebees – The first bumblebees you see are usually queens who have survived the winter. They are ready to find a nest, and they are looking for the first spring flowers. Once the queen has located a nest, she will lay her first batch of eggs. These will eventually become worker bees who will help the queen feed the larvae she will produce throughout the summer.

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