Why are park homes so successful?

A park home offers an excellent level of stylish, comfortable, and practical living for all ages. The interior provides all you need for modern contemporary living and a park home promises dwellers a superb quality of life that would normally be unachievable in a bricks and mortar house.

Living in a residential park can be a refreshing change from the daily busyness of city living. Neighbours too will be friends for life and there is always a community spirit of togetherness that will suit all ages.

Most parks are in scenic and stunning places. From the seaside to the woods or countryside, a park home life will appeal to young and old. Park homes are manufactured with a lifespan of around sixty years.

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A park home can be more affordable than a bricks and mortar property

Living costs can be lower than those associated with a conventional house. Earlier this year it was announced that residents of park homes would now be able to receive the same £400 government cash for energy bills as other households. This gave a welcome cash boost to families in North Lincolnshire living in park homes.

What about a mortgage?

You cannot take out a traditional mortgage with a bank or building society on a park home, although there are alternative loans available. Despite this, some seniors choose to buy a home outright with lifetime savings.

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People are becoming environmentally conscious

Another reason park homes are becoming more popular is that people are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. When you opt to live in a park home, you’re living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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These properties enjoy lower emission levels than traditional brick homes. Park homes can be made of recycled or sustainable materials and equipped with energy-efficient boilers. The homes are very well insulated, and this is advantageous as it helps to keep energy costs down during the winter months.

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