Why we need fire risk assessments

UK fire protection legislation requires an accurate and adequate evaluation of fire risks to be carried out by the responsible/appropriate individual or duty holder. It is important that you consider who the best person is to be the responsible individual and in some cases you may pick more than one person. The responsible/appropriate individual or duty holder should take into account the skills of the individual and/or organisation that completes the evaluation of fire risk. It may be important to send your chosen individual or individuals onto a fire risk awareness course.

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Where more than five persons are employed or a licence is in force concerning the property, the responsible person/appropriate person or duty holder shall record the specified details. This includes the results of the risk assessment as well as any issues that may occur, fire drills that are undertaken and precautions and procedures that are put in place.

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The aim of the assessment of fire risk is to ensure that sufficient fire measures are taken. A Fire Risk Assessment Bristol company can help you to complete your risk assessment and can give you support and advice on ways in which you can minimise the risks of fire to your business.

In order to ensure that the “suitable and sufficient” requirements are met, the management and method of risk assessment must be carefully considered. Again this is something that a qualified business will be able to help you out with.

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