Blackbird, an automatic pro-privacy tool for Windows 10 users

Windows 10 has long been accused of compromising users privacy with the EFF as the primary champion of the case (allegations Microsoft has already responded to ). The truth is that we live in an age where everything is connected and where, to access certain services, we must make sacrifices. Privacy is increasingly volatile, despite the efforts of activists such as cypherpunks.

In addition to what Windows 10 can do, there are other ways in which you may be violating your privacy without your knowledge. There are already tools that make Windows 10 more private in a single click, although today we will talk about Blackbird, the simplest solution.

This program was designed so that users have to avoid hours disabling Windows features that have been considered anti-privacy. To do this, the author disarmed Windows 10 completely and analyzed everything, creating a standalone tool that will leave the operating system of users docile, submissive and non-invasive.

Blackbird acts as a script that performs all the changes automatically when you run it on a Windows computer. It comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions and supports Windows Vista onwards.

Blackbird, an automatic pro-privacy tool for Windows 10 usersThis is how Blackbird works

The program shows different elements that will change the first time you execute it, but does not give many descriptions. It can be seen that it monitors issues such as autologgers, scheduled tasks, privacy, services or telemetry, but no information is given to the user of what exactly is going to change.

From a point of view more purely related to the control of the operating system, this is especially problematic . To know exactly what you do you have to read it on its official website. Among other things, it disables OneDrive, disables Cortana, walks the integration with Bing, deactivates all Autologgers, disables Wi-Fi Sense and telemetry (with its updates).

The thing does not stay there, because it also loads Home Menu advertising, disables all Xbox Live services, disables Windows Media Online DRM, prevents location, contacts, messages, writing, or passwords from being shared And much, much more. You can see a complete list in the Blackbird documentation.

That is, if you execute it directly you will spend a lot of things. Certain Windows updates will be removed, servers will be blocked, and applications or programs will be deleted.

Extended functionality with commands

Blackbird can be invoked from the command prompt, that Microsoft will soon be loaded. If you run the script roughly you will just do your work without us seeing what you are doing. If we invoke it from the MS-DOS console we can do the following:

  • blackbird -v: Displays information about everything the program is doing.
  • blackbird -s: Silent mode that does not require user interaction.
  • blackbird -r: Restores all changed values to those of Microsoft by default.
  • blackbird -std: Stops so-called “spyware tasks” in Windows.
  • blackbird -scan: It scans the entire operating system, it searches and informs the user of all the privacy problems that it finds.
  • blackbird -kc: Deactivates Cortana completely.
  • blackbird -ke: Disables Microsoft Edge completely.
  • blackbird -kf: Deactivates ContactSupport completely.
  • blackbird -kl: Deactivates the lock screen completely.
  • blackbird -kall: Disables all system applications completely
  • blackbird -noupdate: Omits the removal of a blacklisted Windows update.
  • blackbird -nohost: Skip host lock.
  • blackbird -nospeed: Skips system optimizations.
  • blackbird -o: Enables OneDrive.
  • blackbird -p: Active Diagnostic Policy.
  • blackbird -t: Activates the sensors and the rotation of screen in tablets.
  • blackbird -x: Enables Xbox Live services.
  • blackbird -l: Resolves network connectivity issues after using Blackbird.
  • blackbird -a: Disables SmartScreen.
  • blackbird -b: Disables Runtime Broker (UWP and Metro applications will stop working).
  • blackbird -c: Disables background access for all system applications.
  • blackbird -d: Disables Windows Defender.
  • blackbird -e: Disables SMB over NetBIOS.
  • blackbird -f: Disables the list of most used applications that are displayed in the Start Menu.
  • blackbird -h: Disables hibernation mode.
  • blackbird -u: Disables the automatic installation of updates.
  • blackbird -m: Disables the automatic installation of updates to the tool to remove malicious software from Windows.
  • blackbird -n: Removes all Blackbird network blocks.
  • blackbird -?: Shows Blackbird support.

From our point of view it seems one of the most complete solutions, since you can do everything automatically or you can add a little more control to the command-based theme. Be that as it may, it is a good solution for those who want to have Windows 10 tied shorter. You can download Blackbird from its official website.

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