How to make a backup of the elements of your start menu in Windows 10

The start menu is one of the most emblematic features of Windows since, then, the beginning. If something showed Windows 8 is that users did not like anything that Microsoft came up with that we did not need it anymore. That’s how we came to Windows 10 with a fairly modern and useful menu that unites the best of that home screen and its tiles, with the classic menu operation always.

How to make a backup of the elements of your start menu in Windows 10Now, it is possible that with the passage of time you will adjust the elements of that menu to your liking and in a specific position to which you are completely accustomed, and if one day you have to restore Windows or format your computer, that work is lost. The same thing happens if you have a new computer. With this little trick you will learn to back up your settings to restore them whenever and wherever you want.

It would be great if one of the many things that Windows 10 syncs with our account was the way we organized our items in the start menu, but unfortunately it is not. So we have to manually search the configuration file where this layout is stored in case we want to save it for later use.

All you have to do is copy the “Database” folder and save it in a safe place. Then, when you want to restore the menu settings, with all your tiles and their respective groups and sizes in another Windows installation or another computer, you should only copy that folder in the same path and replace it.

Remember that you must log in to Windows 10 with the account whose menu you want to backup, but keep in mind that you need to have administrator privileges to do this. And, when you are going to restore the menu settings you can not be logged in with the account where you want to apply your database, since the menu is in use and will not let you make the changes. You need to do this from the Administrator account or from another account with privileges. You can always create a temporary if there are no more users on your PC.

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