With this tool you can create your own custom Windows 10 installation

One of the most annoying things about buying a new computer with Windows is usually the large amount of bloatware that the manufacturer installs. You are inundated by the system of applications that you will probably never use, occupying a space that is sometimes precious while they only get in the way.

And not only are the hardware manufacturers, Microsoft also sins a bit in this regard, especially with Windows 10 and all the apps that come with the system by default and that we can not uninstall. There are different third-party tools that help us get rid of them

One option to avoid those annoyances and have even more control over the features and components that your installation of Windows will include, is to use a tool that allows us to modify the image that we will use to install the operating system, and that is what the MSMG ToolKit does.

MSMG ToolKit

This tool basically serves to customize several versions of Windows adding or removing functions and components, or activating and deactivating system features.

It is not a program for novice users, it was developed to have an all-in-one tool that meets the needs of a technician when deploying Windows.

To use it you will need to have a Windows ISO image or a DVD, because this will be the base image that will be used to create your customized version. You can download MSMG from the official My Digital Life forum, but you will need to register on the site. You can also use this link in MEGA, or download it from the mirror in Majorgeeks.

The package offered is one compressed (7z), you must extract it and execute the Toolkit-vxx script as administrator (the latest version is 7.1).

Then you must click on the icon of the terminal on the edge of the window, choose Properties , and then on the Design tab change the size of the window to 80 wide x 25 high. This so that the script menu does not deform on the screen.

Write the letter “A” to accept and start the process by pressing Enter. In the following menu you will find eight different options. The first one (Source) lets you choose the Windows image that you are going to use, it can be an ISO of Windows 10, 8.1, or 7.

“Integrate” lets you integrate language packages, Windows updates, drivers, and Windows features into the image. “Remove” lets you remove Windows components from the installation.

“Customize” lets you customize the Windows components and features in the installation image. With “Apply” you apply the changes and with “Target” you can create an installation medium with your personalized image.

Among the things you can remove are Modern applications, Windows 10 components such as Cortana or telemetry services , Xbox functions, even Microsoft Edge itself or Windows Defender.

Ideally, if you are interested in what the tool offers, once you create the personalized Windows image that you want, install it in a virtual machine or a test machine, and verify how well it goes with the components that are removed or added.

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