You can now use Skype as a guest without registering or having to download it

Coinciding with the announcement of video calls to their mobile apps WhatsApp, Skype has decided to move tab updating their website to take one of the characteristics that led to need time. From now you can already use Skype without registration from their website, nor you need to download anything to do.

It is a new interface designed so that guests can use Skype quickly and easily at times. No doubt, a good way for everyone to try it occasionally, and to try to get some of these sporadic visitors to end up becoming a new user.

You can now use Skype as a guest without registering or having to download itHow do I use Skype guest mode?

All you have to do if you want to take advantage of this service is to enter The web will detect that you are not logged, and the center of the screen will show the text “Skype keeps the world to free speech”. Below you can see a big button that puts Start a conversation.

By clicking on it a screen that will appear just choose the name that you appear in the conversation you are going to open. Then click again on the start a conversation button and wait a few seconds until Skype shows you the code that you will have to share to start it. This is a unique link that will only last 24 hours.

The mechanics are simple, you just have to share that link you are given to those who want to talk, and to use these will be automatically added to your conversation. In it you can use all the functions of Skype Web to send messages, make a video call or share any image or photograph.

Skype Web continues to improve to become a viable alternative, including for its own downloadable client. In April they announced that it would begin to be used without any plugin installed on the browser, and last July decided to bring this web client GNU / Linux for anyone to use regardless of operating system.

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