Apply the duotone effect to any photo in seconds with this simple web

The duotone effect is fashionable . Although the technique of retouching has decades of history, its use with striking colors beyond the typical combinations black-blue, black-yellow, black-brown and black-red has made it topical. And how is it done? With Duotone by ShapeFactory in just a couple of clicks.

With this website we can forget about Photoshop and other image editing programs. Also complex step-by-step tutorials to get the duotone effect. Everything is much simpler .

Upload the image and select the colors

Simply we must access the web, click on the icon of upload of images that we will find in the upper right, select the desired photo and you’re done. It appears in the web interface and we can edit the colors that make up the duotone.

On the right appear two circles of colors, with the code of the tone inside . Well, you just have to place the cursor over them, a palette of colors like the one of the editing programs will appear and we will choose the desired colors. The trick so that the effect is optimal is that the colors do not look like, of course, or that both are dark or clear at par.

Once the desired tones have been selected, checking that the result convinces us, we will click on the download button that we find below, in the center, and we will have the image with the duotone effect applied back to our computer. The result is really spectacular.

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