Being root on Android

In this post we will tell you what is to be root and what it does. If you are a user of Android and you like to get your device performance, on occasion you’ve found the perfect application for your needs but you saw that you had to be root to install this application.

What’s become root?

Being root on Android is to grant administrator privileges to the user and full control over the terminal. He is also often referred to be superuser.

Being root on AndroidWhat it is to be root on Android?

One of the uses that can give us be root on the phone is to “customize” our terminal as you want. For example, we can uninstall these applications pre-installed by the operating system and there is no way to eliminate them despite not makes use of them.

Another possibility offered to be the root user is able to install newer operating systems on older devices. Companies do not upgrade operating systems of old mobile but developers often create new ROMs to adapt to each mobile operating system. And you can not only that, have the appearance of a mobile Sony Xperia on a Samsung, for example. The possibilities offered are root are immense.

Entering some specific applications, you can enjoy apps like Titanium Backup, Greenify or Sd Maid. The first to create backup copies of your applications and to reinstall them quickly without losing data if the mobile format. The second, to freeze applications that consume many resources and we do not want our battery drain without even making use of it

Dangers rootear mobile

The process of rooting a mobile can be very different depending on the device model. On the Internet there are many videos that show how to do. In principle, the procedure is usually straightforward but can always be some risk as leaving our mobile as a paperweight if we commit a fault or losing the guarantee if we continue with it.

Always warn you of the responsibility of the process but that depend on each.

How to become root

As discussed above, the way is different depending on the device that we have but the tutorials will indicate how and what options there are for it.

If you are someone that you like to change your terminal or want to take advantage of a mobile that in other ways unable to get to meet your expectations and would not yet change mobile, root on Android can be a solution to put up with your mobile old.

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