Daikin Introduces Innovative Home Automation Control Systems

The company Daikin, a leader in HVAC solutions, continues its high capacity for innovation to their area of automation and control systems with the development of new and advanced centralized management systems , so that the user can manage more easily, centrally and optimized its air conditioning systems , and thus enjoy maximum comfort with greater energy savings.

Among the new systems include the Daikin Intelligent Touch Manager for VRV units; the Online Controler, allowing control via Smartphone, tablet or PC, the KNX and Modbus gateways, and new wireless temperature sensors .

The Intelligent Touch Manager for VRV systems offers a new solution to control and manage up to 2,512 indoor units Daikin. Thanks to this system, which consists of a touch screen with web server as standard, it is also possible to monitor and control all devices installed in a building, such as lights, boiler, meters, Extractors and recovery, among others.

Daikin Introduces Innovative Home Automation Control SystemsIt should be noted that in a VRV installation more than 80% of the signals are from Daikin units. For this reason, it is much easier to integrate the set of signals into the system and achieve a simple and powerful BMS (Building Management System). In this sense, Daikin is able to get a better integration of all the devices of the installation, so that with a single supplier, it is easier to start up, track incidents and exploit.

Remote control and new gateways

Another innovation developed by Daikin is the new Online Controller , which allows you to monitor and remotely control the main functions of the residential indoor units and small businesses. The operation of the system is very simple and can be used from any location via an intelligent, handheld, tablet PC or phone . Among the possibilities offered is the remote detection of faults, supervision during periods of absence or the recording of events.

On the other hand, emphasize the two gateways KNX: KLIC-DD , for Daikin units in the domestic sphere, and KLIC-DI, for Daikin equipment in the industrial area (Sky-Air and VRV). The function of these gateways within home automation systems is to ensure that all devices “speak” the same language, so that orders, data and information can be sent and received more precisely.

The new Daikin KNX gateways extend the possibilities of connectivity and integration . KNX is a standard communication language used in residential and building control systems and is the only international protocol that meets the requirements of European standards EN 50090 (CENELEC) and EN 13321 (CEN), as well as The international standard ISO / IEC 14543-3 (ISO and IEC).

With the new gateways the installation and configuration are much simpler for the integrator. They also have focused on providing generic solutions such as devices for control blinds, lights, air conditioning, security, etc.

Specifically, the Daikin-KNX KLIC-DD gateway monitors and controls some domestic units. For its part, the Daikin-KNX KLIC-DI catwalk monitors and controls certain Sky Air models.

Added to this is the possibility of communication via Modbus protocol , which supports domestic units Sky Air VRV, VAM / VKM, curtains and DX units or chillers water as hidrokits Small Inverter

Wireless Room Temperature Sensor

In addition to the KNX gateways, Daikin presents the new temperature probe without wires K.RSS for Sky-Air and VRV systems. It works thanks to an ambient temperature transmitter (RST) and a receiver connected to the indoor unit (RSR) that communicate wirelessly, by radiofrequency. It provides an accurate temperature measurement, without requiring to introduce wiring works.

This wireless sensor monitors the temperature of the room and sends information to the indoor unit every 90 seconds or whenever the temperature varies by 0.2° C or more. In this way, it provides an exhaustive control and guarantees complete thermal comfort in the room.

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