Download photos, videos, graphics and free music in one place and to use as you want

It seems that every day a new site that offers some kind of free resource to download, and usually always have something new and useful to try to solve the gigantic demand for this type of content. Designers, developers, startups, freelancers, or the average user and their insatiable thirst to download everything they can because maybe “someday serve you”, are part of what nurtures the constant generation of communities in which to share resources.

Download photos, videos, graphics and free music in one place and to use as you wantStocky is one of those sites, a relatively new one but I’m sure will be very welcome. “Hand-picked creative resources for digital creators” is a motto, and they validate it with the large amount of all kinds of multimedia content you can find there for use in your own projects.

Photographs, illustrations, mockups, icons, objects in PSD, EPS, or AI, templates, interfaces, videos, audio, design kits, inforgrafías, etc. Stocky is not a web that only lodges the content, it is also a kind of “curator” that compiles the best resources that it obtains in the web market and links them to the site to offer us many options without having to look for ourselves in the enormous sea that Is the Internet.

In Stocky there are not only free stuff, there are also compilations of other premium items and in many cases of great offers in all kinds of graphic resources that usually cost quite a lot of money.

Everything found for download from the freebies section can be modified, copied and used for personal and commercial projects without needing to ask permission or to include links or attribution to the original source. You can use everything you download to create your own themes or templates on your website, create videos or even graphics for advertising, whatever you want. The only thing you can not do is resell, redistribute, use for illegal purposes, say that the content is yours or use it in pornography or for hate speech. Quite more than fair.

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