Draw Chat, a free collaborative blackboard, without records, with chat and video calls

More and more frequently, we find applications on the web that are practically as powerful as native desktop ones. A way forward, which hosted Google with Android and is hosting Microsoft with Windows, with examples with as much potential as Draw Chat.

It is a drawing board, like a common and online Paint, with collaborative functions and extremely useful functionalities. With one click we create a workspace, which does not need registration, to which other people can link using an editable link. The communication, beyond the drawing, goes through a chat and the possibility of maintaining a video call.

Free drawing, PDF annotation or directions on a map

If by itself a blank slate in the light of any contact can be useful for a multitude of purposes, the possibility of drawing on images, writing down PDF documents or drawing directions on a map further increases the potential of the tool.

Accessing your home page and starting a new whiteboard, without providing any data, Draw Chat starts working. At our disposal we have a large workspace with the typical tools of any image editor and a communications column, which is on our right, where the chats and videoconferences are given.

The free features offer us 10 MB of capacity per drawing room, upload documents, images and other files of up to 10 MB each, as well as the maintenance of all information for a month. To our history we can access from the Sketchbook section, the same that allows us to go further with the webapp.

From here – and also from home – you can start a blackboard to draw on images, interesting to point out details in photographs, for example; write down on PDF documents, making notes to collaborators; or paint on a map, previous indication of a specific location . A useful feature when it comes to showing a friend, for example, what is the best way to get to our house.

Draw Chat, as we said, is a free service, does not require any kind of registration and works entirely from the browser, without downloads. No complications or loss of time .

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