Emotibot, the tool that helps the chatbots to know how you feel

Emotional intelligence is a difficult trait to acquire for humans. Try to imagine what it can mean to make a machine like a robot emotions show, or something less simplified, as a chatbot. The tools available to these programs to idetify emotions are rather limited.

With the intervention of a startup Chinese known as Emotibot all that be about to change, as reported in TechCrunch. Its aim is to create personal assistants, chatbots and service agents virtual client that can accurately understand the emotional state of the people who use them.

Emotibot, the tool that helps the chatbots to know how you feelNow the bots have some emotional quality. Some like Cortana can even tell jokes – pretty bad, by the way. What no one can do is detect that you are not in the mood for jokes and that maybe what you need is a more … empathic response, so to speak.

Emotibot promises bots with feelings

Emotibot what is selling in your marketing campaign is, nothing more and nothing less than chatbots tactfully. How do you expect to get it? For through text inputs, audio and video signals through the camera of the device and even a combination of the three elements depending on which are available. Some Asian companies like Line Japanese have adopted the chatbots in their service.

Right now the company offers applications that can be used in WeChat or Android to measure how can this bot . The main line of business of the company is creating customized solutions for clients seeking to offer their own chatbots “with feelings”. To do this they aim at all kinds of platforms, from instant messaging applications to connected cars.

Moreover, Emotibot promises 95.65% accuracy by detecting emotions through visual cues only in China, which today is one of the leaders of this sector. Not in all countries do the emotions express themselves in the same way, but from the company they rely on the talent of their engineers to achieve a successful implementation. You can find more information about Emotibot on its official website.

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