How do TV aerials work

Television aerials which can also be referred to as antennas are an essential part of receiving television pictures digital and through analogue systems.  They run  on electromagnetic signals.  These are sent out by television stations and the signals travel through the air  at various frequencies.  These are then picked up by the television aerials and antennas.   The receiving parts of the antennas are known as the elements.  it can be easy for a television aerial to become damaged. However the TV aerial repair Tewkesbury company in the link can soon get that fixed for you.

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Within the television aerial  there are several components.  The main one is the conductor, which is made of metal and is connected to a TV set and a signal amplifier. When the electromagnetic signal attaches itself to the antenna current it then produces the picture on the TV screen.

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Depending on the link and the size of the Aerial and its dimensions this determines what type of frequency it can receive.  Again, depending on the signal required the configuration of the antenna can vary greatly.

When the signal is finally received it is possible on the TV set which then takes over to the signal and produces a picture on the screen.  The quality of this can vary from antenna to antenna and this is why it pays to make sure that yours is in good condition.  This is exactly the same for digital signals.  streaming services work in a similar way and need an aerial to receive the digital signal.

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