How to completely clean the list of accounts you follow on Twitter in a few steps

It’s surprising how easy it is to find yourself on Twitter following hundreds of people, ending with a feed so crowded that you end up not following anyone. In those moments you think that maybe you should start eliminating some (if not all) and start to follow accounts that really interest you. The problem is there are so many, you almost do not know where to start.

How to completely clean the list of accounts you follow on Twitter in a few stepsWell, with this trick that we are going to give you then you can clean the list of people that you follow completely automatically. This will be empty, but you can start again from scratch and, perhaps, apply a different criterion when giving the button to follow. All you need is a small script and click a button.

Even if you do not have any programming experience, if you follow the instructions we will give you should not have any problems. First of all you should go to Twitter and open the list of people you follow. The next thing is to go down to the bottom of the list, until no more accounts are loaded.

Once you have reached the end, you will have to open the JavaScript console . To do this, press Control + Shift + J. When you do, enter this code:

$(‘.js-follow-btn’).each(function(){ $(this).trigger(‘click’); });

It might be scary, but do not worry. If you now open the list in a new tab, you will see how the number of followed has decreased slightly . Continue to reload the page until it reaches zero.

If you do not want to resort to such a radical solution, you always have the option of turning to unfollow manually, reviewing your list and unchecking those that do not interest you one by one. Another option you have, if you want, is to silence the most active tweeters, as well as certain terms and even retuits.

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