How to disable PGP in Outlook, Apple Mail and Thunderbird to get you out of the vulnerability

The encryption of PGP is in danger , if you use PGP to encrypt your emails you need to deactivate it immediately due to a serious vulnerability that your emails could expose in plain text even if they are encrypted .

At the moment there is no reliable solution for the failure so if you use PGP / GPG or S / MIME for your communications, you must deactivate it in your mail client. The EFF has confirmed the problem and the recommendation is to disable extensions that decrypt PGP. We will explain how to do it.

Disable PGP in Outlook

Disabling PGP in Outloot requires that you run the Gpg4win installer again. Download Gpg4win.exe and run the program. When the first installer window appears, select next, and when you have to select the components, uncheck the GpgOL box and press next.

Click again on installing, and finish the process. Once this is done, the GpgOL plugin will be deactivated and your emails will not be decrypted automatically in Outlook.

Disable PGP in Apple Mail

First you must make sure to close Apple Mail. Right click on the icon in the dock and select “Exit”. Then click on the Finder icon and in the menu select Go and then Go to the folder … (⌘ + ⇧ + C).

Type: / Library / Mail / Bundles or ~ / Library / Mail / Bundles and find the folder with the file ” GPGMail.mailbundle “. Once you locate it, move it to the trash and write your password if the system asks you to.

Disable PGP in Thunderbird

To disable PGP in Thunderbird all you have to do is disable the Engmail add- on . Click on the menu button (the one with three horizontal lines) and select Add-ons.

In your list of extensions look for Enigmail and click on the Disable button . This will cause the mail client to disconnect from PGP and your PGP encrypted emails will not be decrypted automatically.

For the moment, as long as there is no solution for the vulnerability, it is recommended to keep the extensions disabled, and resort to alternative secure messaging solutions such as Signal for private communications.

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