How to download all your Instagram photos, videos and ‘stories’

Instagram announced a couple of weeks ago that in a short time it would allow its users to download all their data from the platform . Days after the outbreak of the Cambridge Analytica scandal and a few weeks after the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation, also known by its English acronym GDPR, of the European Union.

The day has finally come and following the steps of Facebook, given in 2010 , Instagram offers the possibility of requesting the download of data: photos, videos, comments, searches, direct messages, stories saved in the file and profile information . When requested, the download will be prepared for an indeterminate period of time that can be extended up to 48 hours.

Steps to download all our Instagram information

Screenshot of step 4 of the Instagram data download process that we explain.
  1. Access our profile page at .
  2. In it, we click on the settings icon , that gear next to the Edit profile button , and in the menu that will open we select Privacy and security .
  3. We scroll down the open page to find the section Download data and click on the link Request download .
  4. Next , we are informed of the process and of our email that appears on Instagram. Click on the Next button .
  5. Finally we will have to enter our password and press the Request downloadbutton .
  6. If everything went well, we will be informed that a file has been created with the content that we have shared on Instagram and that will be sent to our e-mail.

For now, we can only request the download of the data from the web version , although the option will soon be included in mobile applications. When the file to download is ready we will send a link to our email address.

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