How to know if a web page is blocked in China

The so-called ‘Great Firewall of China’ prevents the citizens of the country from connecting to a large number of pages and applications, forcing them to use local alternatives or live next to a VPN network.

In fact, for the third year in a row, Freedom House has considered it the country that most violates the freedom of the Internet. That means that if you live there or visit, you will have enough problems to navigate through certain pages. If you are planning a trip or just want to satisfy your curiosity, we will recommend some tools that will be used to check if a certain page works in Chinese territory.

Baidu, the Chinese Google

Baidu is the equivalent of Google in China, and just launched a service that allows analyzing if a certain website can be accessed in the country. It is designed for Japanese companies (hence Japanese) to evaluate if their website is optimized for use in China.

Anyway, it is possible to test it with any web page and translate the results. This tool has been created by Baidu and LXR, a Japanese company specialized in Chinese pages.

For about $ 3,000 they promise to analyze your website to see how it will go in China, offering suggestions for the use of patriotic services such as WeChat or Youku (instead of, say, YouTube or WhatsApp).

Let’s not forget that China is one of the largest markets in the world, so initiatives of this kind can help those entrepreneurs who want to enter the Asian market.

Great Firewall of China

This is a well-known tool when checking if a certain website can be accessed from China. The operation is very simple, and we will simply have to write the page that we want to consult in the search engine.

An interesting fact is that in the lower part it shows us a list with five different areas of the country : Beijing, Shenzhen, Heilongjiang province, etc. Next to it, a green or red indicator will appear, informing if it is operative or not.


A service very similar to the previous one is offered by Comparitech, including on its website a search engine that allows to quickly analyze if a page can be accessed from China.

Again, it also divides the result into five areas, with a green or red mark appearing next to it. It is interesting that they also offer a list of the best VPNs of 2017 that can be used in China.


This page will check in real time if we can access a certain website from China. In this case, we must first choose a zone, enter the web and click on “Test Now”.

After waiting a few seconds, you will give us a report in which we will check if it was possible to make the connection and the response time. We can also make a comparison between four Chinese cities (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong) with the results obtained in New York, Melbourne or Munich.

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