How to manage your mobile phone spending

If you are looking for a mobile phone for a teenager and want to keep an eye on their spending or perhaps you find that you regularly end up spending more money than you had anticipated on your monthly bill, there are some ways that you can limit your spending.

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Data Usage – if you find that you regularly go over your data allowance you can talk to the Vodafone Store Ireland where you purchased your phone and look to increase your allowance or you can ask for a data cap to be put on your phone. This can be set manually and depending on the provider you are with you can ask for a notification when you are close to your limit as well as setting a spending cap or preventing you from going over your limit altogether.

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Apps – when it comes to watching what you spend on apps, one of the easiest ways to keep your spending to a minimum is to not add in your credit and debit card details in the first place. There have been numerous instances where young children have racked up incredibly high charges from playing games that their parents have installed on their phones. Think carefully before you enter any card details into Google Play and ensure that your phone has a passcode and where possible other security that your children won’t be able to bypass.

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