How to update your version of Firefox to 64-bit without having to reinstall the browser

If you have been using Firefox for a while or if you recently downloaded it, you are most likely using the 32-bit version. When we download the Mozilla browser from the official website, we always offer the x86 version by default. And, if we have not specifically searched for 64-bit, then we simply do not have it.

How to update your version of Firefox to 64-bit without having to reinstall the browserThe 64-bit version improves performance, obviously it’s only compatible with 64-bit systems, so unless you have a very old computer or very discreet features, you’ll want to update your version of Firefox. Doing it is pretty easy, and we tell you how to avoid having to reinstall the browser.

To check your version of Firefox you can do two things: click on the menu button, then on the help button (the question mark below) and select About Firefox. Or, simply write about: in the address bar and read the line that says Compiler Identifier.

If you see that it says 32-bit or x86, then you can proceed to download the 64-bit version of the Mozilla website. From this link you can find all available versions of the browser for all systems and in all languages. Choose yours, and click Download to download Firefox 64-bit.

Once downloaded, close all windows of your current version of Firefox and run the new installer . This version is a completely new instance of the browser, not an update as such, so do not make the mistake of uninstalling the 32-bit version first, because it is what the 64-bit version will use to keep all your data and prevent you from having to set everything up again.

Complete the installation of Firefox 64-bit and at the end run the browser. You’ll see everything exactly as you left it in the 32-bit version, including the pinned and recent tabs. You can repeat the previous steps to verify that it is indeed the 64-bit browser.

Now, if you check your list of installed programs you will see that you have two different versions of Firefox on your system. You can proceed to uninstall the 32-bit (x86) if you wish, unless you have some reason to keep it or want to compare the performance of one vs the other.

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