Krom launches Konker, its first gaming keyboard

The brand Krom immerses himself in the growing market gaming which has achieved tremendous development and growth – high expectations with the launch of Konker, its first keyboard gaming. Thus, gaming division of Nox and peripherals completes its catalog offering users high performance products with a unique design, adapted to theurban style that characterizes the gamer.

Krom launches Konker, its first gaming keyboardKonker gaming keyboard features

Konker keyboard is a membrane that has high performance customization options that let you adjust the keyboard for several games with great versatility, so that the user can adapt the control to your needs and style. Thus, it features 3 profiles programmable gaming with the ability to make changes instantly, 6 buttons macro to store different combinations and 9 multimedia hotkeys. It also has a fourth profile in case we choose to make a multimedia use of the peripheral.

These options improve the user experience that can store different profiles for different games and in turn macros for each of them in a convenient and fast way. It adds the advantage of being able to save these profiles and macros in the pc being able to have many more than it can store in the memory the own keyboard, limitation to which the user was accustomed until now in this type of configurations.

These features allow the player to change according to the type of game, whether shooter, RTS or MOBA, in a simple, fast and very intuitive. It also offers the possibility to set the speed of response of the keyboard, the Windows key block to never activate interrupting the game and even block the WASD keys to use as cursors.

All these features can be adjusted by an intuitive software and simple that allows easy customization of all features of the keyboard.

Aggressive and modern design

As we see in the images, Konker presents the aggressive design of straight lines characteristic of the brand with backlit in orange creating an environment unique game, besides favoring its use even in dark rooms.

Orange LED backlighting that can be adjusted in eleven levels of intensity adapting to suit the user. It also has an attractive “pulse” mode in which the backlight increases and decreases cyclically.

“In response to the great enthusiasm of the E-Sports among our public launched a year ago the Krom division. The success of the products has been such that Krom has become a main focus in our strategy as a brand,” says Adrian Alarcon, director of communication of Nox.

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