MiniLyrics shows you the lyrics of your favorite songs while listening to them

MiniLyrics is a small program that shows the lyrics of the songs that you play locally on the screen. It is one of the many applications that serve the same purpose, that will serve you either to learn the songs, or to better understand what they speak with a quiet reading.

MiniLyrics shows you the lyrics of your favorite songs while listening to themUsing it is very simple, and it is as easy as opening your favorite player. Just a few clicks to have the program on your computer, nothing more and nothing less. It is a very light program that takes seconds to start using.

First you will have to download MiniLyrics and install it on your computer . When you have done it should appear a screen like the one that you will see below, in which you can install the application plugin in the audio players you have on your PC:

These are not the only ones it supports. The program offers integration with a total of 28 players, among which are the recently resurrected Winamp, Songbird, Windows Media Player, iTunes, VLC or AIMP3. When the plugin is already installed, the program can now start working properly.

Through MiniLyrics you can open your favorite player, and any song you click on it should superimpress on your screen the letters that correspond to you. However, it is worth mentioning that for this the ID3 tags corresponding to the artist and the title of the theme must be correctly filled.

Speaking of overprinting letters, you can see them in two different ways : either appearing in the center of your screen, or in a dedicated MiniLyrics window:

In theory there is integration with Spotify, but during our tests we did not get it to work properly. The program opens, but when playing a song MiniLyrics does not act as in the case of traditional players. With them we can say that it works without problems, and it starts automatically when you open them.

If you meet these requirements you should not have any problems when using this small program. It can be very useful if you have a liking to read the lyrics of what you listen, and as an alternative to integrating Musicxmatch into Spotify is not a bad idea.

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