Opera releases its latest version with integrated WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram

The latest version of Opera is here, as the company itself has announced through a statement. From the navigator’s headquarters they have commented that their flagship product “has been reborn”, and seeing some of its novelties, it makes sense that they want to advertise it that way.

We insist that it makes a lot of sense, since, among other things, we will find integrated WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram within the browser structure. In this way, and only using the webapps of these messaging clients, we will not have to install anything on our PC.

From Opera point out that it is perhaps time to “reimagine the concept of browser”, for what precisely they have wanted to rely on messaging apps. It is not strange, given that nowadays they are vital to communicate with friends and family.

This new version, very appropriately called Opera Reborn, makes the number 45of the browser. We say that its internal name is very appropriate due to the redesign of the interface and the user experience of the program, with an improved interface.

To begin, we will find that the browser is available in light and dark colors, and in the settings menu of the home page we will find new wallpapers to place. From Opera they have wanted to give a more modern and up-to-date interface.

The arrangement of the elements on the screen has also been redesigned, so that it is more consistent between different platforms. The tabs have been simplified and the sidebar is more subtle and refined, some animations have even been added.

Opera has also introduced improvements to its own advertising blocker. In addition to trying to make it more precise, they have caused the browser to reload the pages automatically when it is activated and deactivated. On the other hand, the user can now manage their own block lists, with Easylist and EasyPrivacy enabled by default.

Also included is a “unsafe page” notice in the style of Chrome when we enter a website that does not have data encryption through HTTPS. The latest version of Opera is based on Chromium 58, and a full change list can be found here. You can download Opera for Windows, macOS and Linux from this link.

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