Prevent web browsers from accessing your geographic location

Current web browsers allow web sites to request your location through a floating dialog that appears on the page. If this is annoying you can disable them from the browser and this way they will not be able to ask if you want to be known again.

The websites that usually ask for your location usually allow the user to enter their zip code (for example, some online stores like Media Markt). You do not need to give precise access to your location through browser services, so you will not lose much functionality by disabling this feature.

Prevent web browsers from accessing your geographic locationGoogle Chrome

This feature is available in Chrome’s privacy settings . Go to your browser settings and click “Advanced” at the bottom of the screen and look for “Content Settings”. Click on that section and search for “Location”. Now click there and, in the “Block” section, you will have to manually add the URL of the web that you want to block.

Mozilla Firefox

This option is hidden on the screen about:config . To access it, enter the command in the navigation bar. You will see a number of advanced options, and you can “break” your browser if you do not know what you are touching, so we recommend you proceed with caution.

In the search box type geo.enabled. Once you’ve found it, double-click it to disable location services. If you close the tab now, the changes will be saved.

Microsoft Edge

This feature is not available on Microsoft Edge. As it is one of the new Universal Apps, you have to change your settings through the Settings application that is accessed from the Windows Start Menu 10. When you have it open, go to Privacy> Location and scroll down to you see a list of applications. Search Microsoft Edge and turn it off.

Internet explorer

To disable this feature in Internet Explorer , go to the menu and select “Internet Options”. Click on the “Privacy” tab and check the box with the caption “Never allow websites to request your physical location”.

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