RememBear, the new TunnelBear password manager for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

TunnelBear people , mostly known for their extremely easy-to-use VPN service and which also has a free model, have launched a new product: their own multi-platform password manager called RememBear .

Remembear is free and available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It is extremely easy to use, has end-to-end encryption, and will fill in the password fields automatically for you once you set it up.

The idea behind RememBear is similar to that of TunnelBear, offering an easy-to-use service for anyone with little or no technical knowledge .

They cite the fact that very few people (less than 3% of users) use password managers because they are complicated and frustrating, they want to change that. The truth is that they do not lack reason.

With this password manager in TunnelBear they want to offer a novice proof tool. RememBear is in beta development phase and nowadays you can download and use it for free, once they release version 1.0 in a few months, they will also offer a payment subscription with more features.

Installation and use

The installation process is extremely simple. The first thing you should do is create your master password , that is the only one you should remember from now on.

In addition to this, Remembear creates a unique backup kit (RememBear backup kit) with a code that identifies the current device.

You should keep it in a safe place, because it will be the only way to recover your account in case you forget the password, nobody else has access to that data.

Once this is done you will also have the option to import the passwords stored in the device or in another password manager . This process is a bit tedious, because you must authorize with your password the import of each credential, so choose the ones you really use. You will have to write your local password 400 times like this server. .

From the application window you can manage your credentials, and also data from your credit cards. You can manage connected devices, and add, edit or delete users and passwords.

To use the autocomplete of passwords in the browser you can install the extension for Chrome , soon add extensions for Safari and Firefox. RememBear uses 256-bit encryption and has been audited by independent security firms.

For now it offers fewer features than other market alternatives, but it is an extremely friendly product and that only in beta shows much potential. It is also multiplatform and you can try it for free now.

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