Sunsama, if Google Calendar and Trello had a child it would be like this app

Sunsama is a platform for teams that integrates calendar, meetings, and tasks . It’s like a combination between Trello and Google Calendar with a very clean and intuitive interface.

Its logo not only reminds me of the deceased Sunrise Calendar that many of us loved, but it seems to me one of the best replacements to this app that I have found in a long time, and that also offers many additional benefits besides the calendar.

Sunsama uses the Kanban method, as in Trello. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a way to organize tasks into cards within columns according to your state to learn to prioritize what matters most.

Prioritize your tasks day by day

In Sunsama you have a “Daily Kanban”, that is, the app organizes all your tasks in cards inside columns, and each column represents a day synchronized with your calendar . Although you can use Sunsama in a particular way, it is also designed for teams and managing projects with multiple participants.

You can choose between single view of calendar or only of the tasks, or between two combined forms of both . You also have a button that shows you the record of all recent tasks. And you also have an integrated search engine.

In the app each card can have notes (supports MarkDown), comments, lists, deadlines, people assigned , and more. It is ideal to organize the tasks of the day according to priority and have a very well-organized agenda online.

You can use Sunsama with all its functions totally free without limit of users on the computer , the only condition of the free mode is that you can only create 100 daily activities. If you are going to use it personally it is more than enough, if you have a small team and you are going to manage a single project or several that are not very complex, it should also reach you. For very large teams that need more activities per day, there are two payment plans .

You can register using your Google account and immediately you can synchronize your Google calendars with the Sunsama calendar . You can also set reminders via email or Slack, sending a dossier of your events every morning.

Sunsama integrates with Slack, Asana, Trello, GitHub, and of course, Google Calendar. So you can import data from those services and synchronize them. The only deficiency that I see at the moment is that it does not have mobile applications .

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