Synthetic, music discovery based on data powered by Spotify

If you are one of those people who are always looking to discover new music and you are also fascinated by technology, you are probably going to have a good time playing with this more than interesting tool called Synthetic.

What it does is let you play with a series of parameters that apply to the music, it makes an analysis of the audio and offers samples of the songs that are closest to what you chose. Even if you do it by connecting to Spotify, you do not need to have an account in the service to discover music.

Synthetic takes advantage of Spotify to calculate the scores of songs that come from selected playlists, or from an entire library, based on the contributions of the users.

Since Spotify analyzes each song in your library and uses that data to give you recommendations, this tool gives you more detailed control over the particular music data that makes you like it .

The tool is a small personal project by Kyle Gill , a developer who wanted something that would help him find music based on the elements of music that he personally liked , so he did this to satisfy his own need.

Thanks to Synthetic we can take advantage of the idea to discover music according to the elements that we like.

The metrics it shows you are: energy (a measure of the intensity or activity of the song based on dynamic range, volume, and timbre), valence (the level of positivity of a song, the greater the number, the more ” Happy “sounds”, the level of acoustics, how danceable a song is, the popularity, the number of vowels (if more voices than instruments are what is heard), and the genre (only available if you start a session with Spotify).

You can adjust the number of each of those parameters, the higher it is, the more intense that characteristic will be. You have a player that offers 30 seconds of sample of each song, you can jump to the next directly from there, or change the parameters and generate a new list.

If you connect with your Spotify account you can click on the playlist button on the player and a playlist of 25 songs is automatically generated on your Spotify according to those current parameters.

If you play well with the settings you can generate wonderful lists.

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