‘Teach yourself to code’, learn to program for free with tutorials recommended by developers

Teach yourself to code (teach yourself how to program) is a website created by Kate Ray , a programmer who did just that, taught herself to program. He did it by learning Rails with a book that a friend lent him and created this website to help others who want to learn programming and do not know where to start .

On the web you find books, tutorials, online education platforms, and more resources to learn programming that have been recommended by other developers.

The page is simple, a long list of resources with the title in very large letters, a label that indicates if the material is for beginners, for an intermediate level, or for advanced users , and when you click on them you will see a small description together to the external link.

Each resource also indicates the developers who have recommended it, you can create an account and collaborate yourself. At the top it has a filter of programming languages ​​and platforms . For now there is content on Rails, Backbone, Node.js, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML / CSS, and iOS.

Kate recommends that you not believe the people who tell you that learning to program is easy, that it is better to go knowing that it is difficult and frustrating and that at the beginning most of us are going to feel like we have no idea of ​​what we are doing. Learning to program is something that takes work, as the web says at the beginning .

The good thing is that in this type of educational adventure you can always get many people to help you, especially on the web. ‘Teach yourself to code’ is an initiative that seeks to help especially those who are starting .

The source code of the website is available on GitHub .

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