Telegram renews its desktop application with new design, custom themes and more

The Telegram messaging application is one that has won most of its users thanks to its constant bombardment of new features. Virtually not a month passes without the service surprising us with some new function that we hardly see in other similar platforms.

This time they have dedicated themselves to giving much love to their desktop client for Windows and MacOS. Not only have the design and animations improved to make it more streamlined and consistent with design material, but they have added new custom themes to change the look of the chat window for what you like.

Telegram renews its desktop application with new design, custom themes and moreIf you use the native desktop client either on Mac or Windows, from today you should be seeing the button to update at the top and you can start enjoying the new design once you restart the application. The changes are quite small, you will notice it mainly in the buttons of the window. In addition to how smooth the animations feel when we press different buttons and options inside Telegram.

Now, undoubtedly the best part of this update are the new custom themes. Anyone can create their own theme and share it with the community, just like with the stickers.

If you want to join the official theme channel for Telegram you will have access to a long feed with a fairly large number of themes to apply directly to your chat window. It’s addictive.

To download and install a theme you only have to download the package above the preview image. Then click on the file and press the “Apply theme” button, you have 15 seconds to decide whether to keep the changes or not. If you join the channel at this time, you will see that they are climbing almost without stopping topic after topic, and you can vote positively or negatively to rate them.

Unfortunately I miss an option from which to manage all downloaded themes, maybe add it in the future, but for now if you want to change the subject or return to a previous one, you have to lower it again. Of course, if you want to return to the default theme , you can do it from the settings section, right where you change the background of the chat.

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