Three essential security measures for premium homes

An Englishman’s home is his castle and many of us do everything we can to protect our homes and our property; however, sometimes our concentration can slip and we forget simple things that leave us vulnerable to opportunist thieves. Follow these tips to keep premium homes secure.

Three essential security measures for premium homes

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Home security systems

There is a huge range of home security systems available, all designed to keep your home secure and provide peace of mind. Models range from units to secure a city centre flat right through to securing a large country pile.

Check the locks

Check that the locks work, and then check that every door and window is locked. It is not unusual for people to overlook locking windows when they go out, but even small windows need to be secured. A gap the size of a human head is enough for someone to be able to squeeze into your home.

Make more of your door security and add a second lock. A deadbolt lock or a door chain is a simple way to keep thieves out and adds an extra dimension to put people off breaking in, or at least make it harder. Some security firms offer services such as a wireless door contact that will sound an alarm if the door is opened.

Automatic gates

If you opt for automatic gates, look for a Gate Safe accredited installer to ensure peace of mind. This guarantees the standard of installation for automatic gates in Gloucestershire and other rural Cotswold areas and is awarded to companies such as Make sure your front door is visible from the street − you might want your privacy, but high gates, hedges or walls can stop your neighbours noticing anything out of the ordinary.

The Metropolitan Police website offers advice about keeping your home secure, while Age UK explains how to protect your home from opportunist thieves. Examples include leaving a light on − on a timer if you prefer – when you go out and leaving a radio on a ‘talk’ channel so it appears there are people inside. Burglars are far less likely to break into a house if they think it might be occupied.

The key thing is to take action straight away by checking your property for potential weak points and taking measures to address them.

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