Vivaldi 1.7 comes with making it easy to take, edit and share screenshots from your browser

Vivaldi has just introduced the new version 1.7 of its browser, and as usual it is done implementing new features with which to try to stand out from the competition. In this version, the one selected to lead the list of changes is a new control center for the native take of screenshots.

This new option is complemented with new editable keyboard shortcuts to take the captures. It also includes improvements to your sound control system for tabs, and adds to browsers like Chrome when it comes to telling us when we are browsing HTTP pages that ask for passwords.

Vivaldi 1.7 comes with making it easy to take, edit and share screenshots from your browserVivaldi 1.7 focuses on the screenshots

Vivaldi joins Microsoft Edge by implementing a native system of screen shots, but instead of focusing on its edition bets on ease of use . At the bottom of the screen a new icon appears in the form of a photo camera, and clicking on it at any time will display the options for taking captures.

The captures have a maximum size of 30,000 pixels, and you can take them in full screen or selecting the area you want to crop and capture. In addition, when you save them you can choose to do it in the clipboard or as images in PNG or JPEG format . The captures will be integrated with the Notes panel in case you want to use them as reminders or notes, and will include your own repertoire of keyboard shortcuts and customizable quick commands.

Beyond the captures, the new version of Vivaldi also improves its native system of control of sound for eyelashes. This is able to identify which tabs are playing ads or videos, and allows you to silence them quickly with a single click. You can also mute them all at once.

And finally, in addition to the classic bug fixes, the version also includes faster access to tabs marked as favorites, better notifications with native macOS arrivals, hide the icons in the taskbar extensions and the Already mentioned warnings for HTTP pages.

Yes, it is true that these novelties may know a little, but as Jon von Tetzchner, the creator of Vivaldi, told us , come the most anticipated ones such as the native email client, the synchronization of passwords and bookmarks, or The launch of a mobile version later this year.

Be that as it may, the new version 1.7 of Vivaldi is now available for download on its official website for Windows, GNU / Linux and macOS.

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