What Is A Plasma Polymer Composite

The Plasma Polymer Composite is a flexible and lightweight composite that has the ability to be shaped to almost any form. It is known for its high stiffness, resilience, strength and cost effectiveness. It is also known for its energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and its high dimensional stability. This composite is capable of withstanding extremes of temperature and stresses.

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This composite is widely used in wide arrays of industries like automobiles, satellites, space crafts, military defense systems, power generation, aerospace applications and marine applications. It can withstand extreme temperatures and stresses as compared to conventional metal alloys. These alloys are brittle and may fracture or bend under certain conditions. This composite can withstand extreme stress and temperatures as it possesses excellent tensile and compressive properties which make it the ultimate composite for its use in aerospace applications.

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Plasma Polymer Composites can also be made to produce various colour blends. This composite can be used for cosmetic applications and for enhancing the visual effects of lighting devices. It is also being used in the manufacturing of solar cells and sailboats. Due to the unique characteristics of this composite, it is being used for dimensional designs in aerospace and spacecraft applications. They are one of the major components of many rocket and satellite technologies used for reaching space and for creating controlled radiation belts around the Earth.

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