What Is Nickel and What Is It Used For?

Nickel is a metal which was used in the first atomic bomb. It is said that the first identification of nickel as an element occurred in 1751 by a Swedish chemist and mineralogist. This is a metal, which is used for alloys of copper, silver, zinc, tin, lead and even gold. There are many types of nickel which you will find in most metal products. Nickel is a very light metal, so that it can easily be welded or hammered together with other metals. The only problems with nickel is that it corrodes very quickly, but it also conducts electricity better than other metals. For more information on Electroless Nickel Coating, visit a site like Poeton, providers of Electroless Nickel Coating.

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So, what is nickel used for? For starters, in the first atom bombs, nickel is said to be a key element, as it is able to bend light, but also has an extremely high melting point. Another use for nickel is in the construction of aircraft, for it is said to be less conductive than gold. Nickel is also used in a variety of electronic components. It is used in computer chips, circuit boards, connectors, switches, and even in solar panels, which make it the perfect conductor for solar energy.

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So, what is nickel and what is it used for? It can be used for a lot of different things, from the first atomic bomb to the current solar panel technologies. Nickel is a wonderful metal that is very versatile and is one of the best metals ever discovered.

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