You can now download Firefox 55, which opens more than 1600 tabs in 15 seconds as if nothing

Firefox 55 is now available for download from the Mozilla website or for browser users to update directly when executing the program and verify the version.

And as usual seems, the trend remains, and we will receive a Firefox full of improvements and new features. If with Firefox 54 the main novelty was multiprocess, with Firefox 55 we have the fastest Firefox at the time of opening tabs.

Already in the beta versions of Firefox 55 and 56 we had known how the Mozilla browser was able to open 1,691 tabs in 15 seconds without flinching and this is thanks to Quantum Flow . In addition to this, the performance optimization and the decrease in memory consumptionare also significant compared to Firefox 54 and earlier versions.

Firefox 55 is also the first stable version of the browser to support WebVR , and if you want to try virtual reality in Firefox at once, you can visit and take a look at the available experiences.

Another new addition in this version is the performance panel that appears in the general configuration panel. From there you can adjust the number of processes that Firefox uses to handle complex websites, especially when you have many tabs open.

By default, Firefox tries to find the best balance to work on an average computer, but if you have more than 8 GB of RAM at your disposal, you can play a little with the numbers and increase the number of processes to get even more performance.

Another interesting novelty is the new way to search from the Firefox address bar. The browser now lets you click and choose between different sites to start searching for what you enter in the URL drawer.

By default the search engine includes the engines of Yahoo, Google, Bing, Amazon, DuckDuckGo, Twitter, and Wikipedia, but you can always customize the list to your liking.

Specific improvements have also been made to the 64-bit version of Firefox for Windows , which reduces the frecuencua of crashes by 39% on machines that have 4 GB of RAM.

Taking a step forward to say the final goodbye to Flash, when you enter a website that uses Flash anywhere, you must click and give the element permission to run, improving battery life, security and stability of the browser.

If you were expecting a Firefox light as a grasshopper and fast as a hare to give a chance to the Mozilla browser, this version is undoubtedly one of your best options.

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