10 more things to know before you extend your home

Hopefully you’ve got the basics covered, so what are the next things you need to consider?

10 more things to know before you extend your home

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1. Is that wall really necessary?

One of the best ways to get light and air into an extension is to take down any unecessary walls and define different living areas by zoning them with different décor. Check that the structure can take it though!

2. Conservation Areas

In conservation areas, permitted development rights are restricted and that means more projects will require planning permission, so you’ll need to talk to the Council before you begin.

3. Is that loft conversion good value?
If you want to put a bedroom in the loft, there are a lot of building regulations to follow, and if you don’t follow them, when you come to sell your house you won’t be allowed to describe the loft as an extra bedroom.


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4. Listed buildings – even more restrictions

There are no permitted development rights for listed buildings and you’ll be having some in-depth conversations with the local conservation officer.

5. Even permitted development can be complicated

Check the permitted size of your extension, and other possible snags on the Planning Portal.

6. Rooms must be a certain size

Most local authorities have set minimum sizes for various rooms in the house, so check these if you are planning to subdivide a larger room into two smaller ones.

7. The Party Wall Act will probably apply

This law says what you can do within certain distances from your boundary with your neighbour’s house, garden or land. Stay on good terms with your neighbours by storing rubbish neatly in a skip and having it collected promptly. (Swansea skip hire http://www.pendragoncarmarthenshire.co.uk/ does lots of different sizes).

8. Know the difference between a quotation and an estimate

An estimate is a guess at what your project is going to cost. A quotation is a set price and should show the costs the different elements of the project.

9. Check for Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)
If a tree is protected by a TPO, you can’t even cut the tree back without planning permission.

10. Listed building? Zero VAT

The good news about owning a listed building is if you can get planning permission, your extension will be zero rated for VAT.

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