18 tips to make a small room look larger

Lots of people have small rooms or small homes. Small spaces can be cosy and stylish, but they can also be cramped, cluttered and oppressive. Thankfully there are lots of easy ways to make a room look bigger.

18 tips to make a small room look larger

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If you’re constantly asking yourself “what can I do to make my room look bigger?” don’t worry. Here are 18 tips to help make a small room look larger.

Avoid dark coloured furniture as it can make a room appear smaller. Instead use light colours such as cream, light grey and pale pastels.

De-clutter every week. Mess will make a room look smaller.

Buy folding and stacking furniture that you can move out of the way when you are not using it.

Avoid pillows and bed sheets that have small details, such as ruffles or tassles.

Buy ottomans and window seats that can be opened up and used as a storage space for everyday items such as TV remotes and magazines.

Get rid of unnecessary chairs and pieces of furniture that you haven’t used for months.

Buy smaller lamps to make a room appear bigger.

Buy see-through furniture, such as a glass table, to trick the eye into thinking that the room is larger.

Invest in a dining table that can be made smaller or larger. This way you can make it smaller when you are not using it.

Use lots of mirrors to make a room seem lighter and bigger.

Paint your ceiling with a light, bright colour to make the ceiling seem higher.

Use built-in shelving around your bed to increase the floor space in your bedroom.

Buy curtains that are the same colour as the walls to make the room flow.

You can also buy a few pieces of furniture in the same colour as the walls for the same flowing effect. If you have decided to re-do your living room, check out http://reliable-remodeler.com/rooms/ for inspiration and ideas.

Use furniture that is on legs to create a sense of space and light. Furniture that sits on the floor will make a room seem smaller and darker.

Leave some shelves half empty for an airy, spacious look.

Remove inside doors for extra space. According to Apartment Therapy, removing inside doors will increase the sense of space.

Let natural light into the room to make it seem larger.

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