2 Great Reasons to Use a Bullbar

For those of you who don’t know what a bullbar is, it is used as means to protect your car. For larger vehicles especially, such as SUVS and Range Rovers, bullbars are attached to the front end of the vehicle, and allow off road driving without the dangers of damaging your car. Off roading can be fun, but also very costly since surfaces such as terrain and stony ground can devalue your car.

With a bullbar, these concerns fly out there window, and so it perfectly functions to serve and protect. The bullbar arguably adds character to the car as well, creating an authoritative look which suggests not to mess with the owner of the car. Another cool additional feature which supports the versatility of bullbars is the potential attachment of lights, and other features. If style is what you’re after, you can pimp out your bullbar as you see fit, where if this isn’t your cup of tea you can go with lights of your choice instead. Lights on the bullbar serve the great purpose of providing additional vision for those off road expeditions, bringing use as well as style.

The bullbar essentially protects passengers and vehicles being damaged by animals and other objects which come into contact with the car, where you wouldn’t like to come into contact with the bar, particularly at speed, because they are usually made of solid steel. The bull part of the phrase refers to cattle, which can often roam onto highways. Here are the two main reasons for installing a bullbar.

To keep your car protected it is important to have reinforcements. In this case it comes in the form of a bullbar, which is arguably the most effective method for preventing damage to your vehicle.

This praise comes with criticism however, where it has been suggested that bullbars in fact increase the risk of death and serious injuries to pedestrians. The attitude of the bullbar driver suggests no remorse, since people continue to install them.

Finally, and possibly just a byproduct of the main function of bullbars, the attitude that is encompassed by the bullbar suggests one of wildness and style, where often your car can look pretty pimped out with a bullbar included. Giving the impression of masculinity, the overall look of your car can be greatly enhanced by installing a bullbar, giving your vehicle great attitude and an out of the ordinary feel. Creating this level of authority will increase your credibility within certain circles on the road, but it is important to not move away from the important function of the bullbar which is protection. Nevertheless, attracting attention from the public isn’t always a bad thing, especially if you have a nice car.

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